Kimu Japanese Cuisine: Delicious and Affordable!

After reading the positive reviews online about Kimu Japanese Cuisine, I immediately noted it down on my list of restaurants to try. And in case you were wondering, yes, my list is VERY long to scroll through. Luckily, Kimu Japanese Cuisine is fairly close to where I live so I dropped by for lunch a few days ago!


Crab Salmon Sushi Pizza ($8.95):

The sushi pizza had crab meat and salmon on a flat disc of rice, and topped with tobiko, green onion, bbq sauce and spicy mayo. This was yummy and the salmon sashimi was very fresh and buttery. The rice could have been crisped up a bit more though.



Volcano Eggplant Seafood Yaki ($8.95):

This very interesting dish was composed of a eggplant tempura base piled with seafood mix, onions, a generous amount of cheese, spicy sauce and bonito flakes. Obviously, it is a heavier dish and probably best to be shared with others. Each bite was so indulgently cheesy and I really liked how I could taste the smokiness of the dish.



Oyako Don ($7.95):

The oayko don was simple and comforting. Tender pieces of chicken coated in egg. A heavier hand with the sauce but the rice didn’t end up being all mushy.



Aburi Sushi Combo ($12):

6 pieces selected by the chef. Each piece was seared lightly but a smoky flavour was still evident. Once again, the freshness of the ingredients really shone through and I particularly enjoyed the hotate that was sweet and had a melt-in-the-mouth texture.


I was very impressed by the food at Kimu Japanese Cuisine given the very reasonable prices. The service was also great – attentive and friendly throughout the meal.
KIMU Japanese Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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