Dae Ji Cutlet House: Mmmm… Pork Cutlets

Sometimes, I just get cravings for pork cutlets. I know, it’s weird but meals are always extremely healthy at my home so I just start craving deep-fried things randomly. Which means the perfect opportunity to head to Dae Ji Cutlet House!


You get a bowl of soup with certain dishes.



Kimchi Fried Rice:

Dae Ji’s kimchi fried rice is one of the spicier versions of this dish that I have tried and that was great because I love spicy food :) It is absolutely delicious when you break the runny yolk and mix it into the rice.



Dae-Ji Combo (Mushroom Hamburger Steak + Cheese Shrimp Chili Pork Cutlet):

The hamburger was a bit small in size; especially in comparison to the pork cutlet. It wasn’t dry though and it was flavourful with the gravy and mushrooms. The pork cutlet exhibited a crispy exterior but because it was quite thin, it was a little dry on the inside. There was a nice heat because of the jalapeño peppers.


It’s great that Dae Ji Cutlet House opened up in the Metrotown area because that is so much more convenient for me than having to head to Coquitlam! Guess where I’m going to the next time I have pork cutlet cravings? ;)
Dae Ji Cutlet House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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