Morak: An Awkward Lunch Experience

I had been planning to go to Morak for a while. When I walked in for lunch, I was surprised by the scene I saw in front of me. The staff were running around and busy assembling numerous large trays of food along multiple tables. As I passed the doorway, they all stopped to look at me. Talk about awkward… Confused, I had to ask and confirm that they were open for lunch hours. They said they were and led me to a table but I couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable by the ambiance of all that hustle and bustle.


Banchan was provided and all were very standard.



Gganpoong Chicken on Rice ($12.95):

Garlic oil fried chicken covered with sweet and sour sauce on fried rice. The chicken wasn’t exactly covered in sauce so you would only get a sauce-covered piece here and there. And because the pieces were small, I found the fried chicken to be quite batter-heavy and dry.


I wasn’t that impressed by my visit to Morak. Awkwardness aside, I didn’t enjoy my dish that much. From reading other reviews, other menu items seem to be significantly better? I’ll just make sure to come back at another time to avoid the same experience!
Morak Korean Fusion Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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