Honolulu Cafe: Typical Hk Style Cafe

Ahhh Honolulu Cafe. I’ve made many visits over the years because of convenience and large portions. Sure, their food is usually a hit or miss but I do quite like their breakfast menu. With that being said, this visit actually wasn’t during breakfast time but in the afternoon! I had some work to do after class and decided to nibble on some food at the same time. Yep, food is definitely my greatest motivator ;)


Cold lemon tea is always my drink of choice at HK style cafes :)



Sole Filet w/ Sweet Corn Sauce on Rice:

I don’t usually order this dish but I had a strange craving for it! It was not bad but the corn sauce was very thick and goopy.



Club Sandwich:

This was a big portion size! The sandwiches were filled with a variety of ingredients and who doesn’t love french fries?


Honolulu Cafe has big portions and cheap prices. However, don’t expect the food to be that great and service can definitely be improved on as well. The good thing is that I can work on my laptop for a long time because nobody is really paying any attention to me and trying to kick me out.
Honolulu Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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