Samsoonie Noodle & Rice: Pork Bone Ramen!

My original plan for lunch was to get sushi but since it’s been so cold lately, I decided that a warm bowl of noodles would be a much better plan! After a quick search online, I found Samsoonie Noodle & Rice and the pictures of their pork bone ramen persuaded me to make a visit.


There was a fairly large amount of kimchi served in the bowl. I found that the kimchi wasn’t very strong but it still had a satisfying crunch.



The seaweed was clean tasting with only mild seasoning from sesame oil. Sadly, they only give two dishes for the banchan, not three like most Korean restaurants do. I miss the potatoes :(



Korean Style Roll ($4.99):

The gimbap was huge and I almost couldn’t eat it in one bite! It was packed tightly enough with ample ingredients providing a nice crunch although there was too much rice. I enjoyed the generous sprinkling of sesame seeds on top.



Korean Style Seafood Pancake ($7.99):

I like how two sizes are offered for the seafood pancake because that means you can sample more food :) The small size would still be big enough for sharing though. The edges of the pancake were extremely crispy but I found that the middle was still a bit doughy in texture. There wasn’t much seafood scattered throughout.



Soft Tofu Hot Pot ($8.99):

There were a lot of huge chunks of silky tofu in the soup! There were also a few pieces of seafood that were just the usual frozen kind and also an egg. The tofu hot pot was only mildly spicy and I felt like it tasted a bit bland.



Pork Neck Bone Ramen ($9.55):

This was a huge bowl of noodles! It literally felt like the noodles would never run out. There was so much meat attached to the bone, I felt like I’ve been cheated previously when ordering gamjatang at other restaurants. The noodles had a good bite to them although there was a little bit of a soapy taste. The broth is cloudy and well-flavoured from the pork bone.


Generally, I enjoyed my meal at Samsoonie Noodle & Rice. The highlight would definitely be the ramen since the portion was big and it tasted delicious! They are definitely generous with the portion sizes and the prices are pretty cheap. Service is a little lacking though as there was only one server and it took more effort to catch her attention.
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