Yuu Japanese Tapas: Good Curry. Bad Service.

I actually had not planned to go to Yuu Japanese Tapas anytime soon! My mom and I were in Richmond and since she wanted to go to the TD in Continental Centre, we decided to stay in the area for lunch. Japanese food sounded good to me and even though I didn’t know what to order, a quick check online solved my worries!

IMG_1274 copy

Seafood Okonomiyaki ($6.95):

First to arrive at the table was the seafood okonomiyaki. Unfortunately, I didn’t find an abundance of seafood as it was mostly cabbage and flour :( Sizzling on the hot plate, the exterior was crispy and the filling was a bit doughier than I would have liked. The toppings and sauces made everything taste good though so the okonomiyaki was decent overall.


IMG_1276 copy

Tonkotsu Ramen ($8.95):

My mom decided to go with a ramen with pork bone soup base. Thank goodness for her small appetite, because I was able to try some of it! I didn’t like the noodles since they tasted like the packaged kind and had a strong starchy taste to it. The chashu was delicious since it was pretty tender and fatty. The ramen also came with a variety of ingredients such corn, bamboo shoots, and bean sprouts!


IMG_1279 copy

Curry Chicken Cutlet on Rice ($10.95):

I decided to go for a curry dish for a little more variety and chose the chicken cutlet. The chicken cutlet was really good! It was not too oily, had a really crispy exterior, and it was juicy and not dry at all. The portion size was also quite generous. The curry sauce was well-flavoured with a bit of spiciness and is on the thinner side.


IMG_1277 copy

A small green salad is also provided with the curry! There were some baby tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and corn. All the veggies were fresh and the salad made me feel just a little bit healthier, which is always a good thing ;)


The food at Yuu Japanese Tapas was not bad, especially the curry! I wouldn’t mind coming back again if I wanted a cheap and filling meal. The service, however, is pretty bad. The waitresses look like they’re dying and hate their job. We also waited forever to get the bill since one of the girls forgot that we asked for it, the other waitress knew we were waiting for it and I even made eye contact with her but she didn’t come over to us, and the original girl just kept ignoring our waving hands when we tried to catch her attention again. Jeez, that took way more work than I expected.
Yuu Japanese Tapas Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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