Fujiya: Quick and Convenient Japanese Food

I’ve actually never been to the Fujiya in Richmond! I’ve always went to the location on Clark Drive so I had no idea that the store in Richmond was so convenient to get to. Since I was in Richmond one morning and was feeling a bit peckish, I decided to get a small snack from Fujiya before lunch.


Ten Musu ($1.50):

Okay, if you just want to fill yourself up for a VERY cheap price, then you should get the tenmusu. It’s just a prawn tempura wrapped around a rice ball with nori but it makes for a good snack on the go. Unfortunately, the tempura was soggy and the shrimp was a bit mushy in texture. The rice was relatively fresh where I could still make out the individual grains. There’s a lot of rice in this though.



Z Roll ($5.75):

I decided to also pick up a Z Roll since it looked pretty fresh.There’s a lot of different ingredients in there so the roll is pretty big! The salmon and tuna were quite fresh and had a nice buttery texture. In particular, the avocado was so fresh and creamy. It must be because it was earlier in the day, because the sushi rice was pretty decent and not dried out yet.


Well, that wasn’t too bad for a snack. Fujiya has a lot of options for takeout food and there’s always people crowding around the area! It’s not the best food but it’s pretty good for price and convenience.


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