Double DD Pizza: Mmmm… Lasagna

Ugh I can’t wait until I’m finished school. So close yet so far… It’s just so much more tempting to look at pictures of food all day! Yes, Pinterest will be the death of me. And as I’m scrolling through my feed during lectures, I see so many mouthwatering photos of pasta. So guess what I ate during my lunch break ;)

photo 3

Spanakopita ($5.95):

The spanakopita had a darker appearance and was extremely flaky due to the phyllo pastry. I found the filling to be on the blander side and there definitely could have been more seasoning. The pieces were lightly greased but I would still recommend this dish for sharing since it’s a bit too much for one person to handle!


photo 4

Green Salad:

The green salad came as a side to the lasagna. They were generous with the portion size and the veggies were very fresh. The salad was a nice contrast to the spanakopita earlier.


photo 1

Garlic Bread:

Garlic bread is also served as a side to the lasagna. You can’t really tell from the picture but it was a giant slice of bread! It was really crunchy on the outside, but stayed fluffy on the inside. There wasn’t much of a garlic flavour to it though but it did its job of soaking up all the pasta sauce.


photo 2

Lasagna ($10):

Consistent with everything else, the lasagna was also a generous size for the price. The pasta was on the softer side except for the parts that were not covered in sauce – those pieces were extremely hard and crunchy! The lasagna noodles were coated in a plain meat sauce that was thinner in consistency than I would have preferred since there was a puddle left behind at the end. There was also a generous topping of cheese for the dish.


If it wasn’t obvious already, Double DD Pizza serves big portions for a relatively low price. The food satisfied my craving but it wasn’t mind-blowing in any sense. It’s still a good choice though for those in the area and also convenient to get to from UBC. Service was really friendly and attentive; they constantly checked up on me to ask if I was enjoying the food. I definitely want to head back soon to try out the calamari and pizza from reading other reviews!
Double DD Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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