Jang Mo Jib: A Giant Hot Pot All to Myself :)

Guys, I’ve realized that I eat a lot of Korean food nowadays. In the past, I used to rarely get Korean food because I always associated it with bbq and that can get very pricey! But as I slowly tried more of the different dishes that constitutes Korean cuisine, I’ve been craving a lot more for it. Therefore, today’s post is about Korean food again – this time it’s Jang Mo Jib!


Excuse the poor quality of the photos, we were seated right by the window and the sunlight was WAY too harsh so everything’s going to look overexposed. Much to my disappointment, we were only given three little pieces of pickled radish.



But at least we were given more pieces of the glazed potatoes.



And the kimchi also came in a large serving!




My mom’s not very adventurous since she always gets a bibimbap at every Korean restaurant that we go to! There were plenty of ingredients to mix up. My mom had no complaints so I’m guessing that it was delicious enough for her.



Boo Dae Jzi Gae Jun Gohl:

Yes, I am fully aware that the hot pots are meant for sharing but I was really craving this so I just ordered it for myself! There’s all sorts of goodies inside like rice cakes, tofu, spam, sausages, veggies, and even ramen noodles. I believe I asked for medium spicy and it wasn’t that spicy but you do feel a bit of the heat (or was it the sun glaring through the windows?). Because the whole thing is quite heavily seasoned and on the saltier side, it tastes great with rice!


Jang Mo Jib serves pretty decent food and the Burnaby location that we went to is close to Metrotown. Service is not the best and a bit aloof at times, but it’s pretty typical for Korean restaurants. It does get pretty busy here during peak times though!
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