Cafe Xu Hue: Bun Bo Hue!

Another visit from quite a while back! My brother and I were in need of a quick lunch and since we were already heading down Kingsway, I suggested that we go to Cafe Xu Hue. Hey, might as well let him try what Bun Bo Hue is supposed to taste like since he only eats the one from Pho Hong! Because we had a late lunch, I was sad that they had already ran out of banh mi’s for the day though :(

IMG_1027 copy

Bun Bo Hue ($9):

The bun bo hue was really good! It’s spicy but not overbearingly so, just a slow burn that makes you want to keep taking another bite. There’s a bunch of different ingredients in there and even cubes of pig blood! The soup looks clear but it’s actually very flavourful.


Cafe Xu Hue has a very small menu but if you look around, you’ll see that everyone comes here for the Bun Bo Hue! I wish that I could have tried their banh mi since it seems like it would be delicious as well. It’s a small restaurant that gets pretty busy and the service is not the best but it’s worth the wait :)
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