Sura: Cheap Lunch Specials

While I believe that Sura’s dinner menu is too expensive for such small portions, their lunch specials are a great deal! For either $15 or $20 each person, you get a whole variety of small dishes that will cover the whole table. Since my mom and I were in Aberdeen doing some grocery shopping, we decided to just head over to Sura for lunch. And since my mom was paying, of course I had to go for the $20 menu ;)


The first thing to arrive were the 3 side dishes. The kimchi was nice and crunchy with a sour flavour. The potatoes were too mushy in texture. The sweet soybeans were quite firm in texture and lightly sweetened.



Green Salad:

The green salad is pretty standard with fresh, crispy veggies and a light dressing. It’s a pretty big portion though!




The japchae was fragrant from the sesame oil with noodles that were nicely chewy and not clumped together. There was quite a bit of veggies in the dish.



Mung Bean Jelly:

The mung bean jelly is very interesting since the jelly itself doesn’t have much flavour and relies on the sauce for taste. It’s a bit firm but still difficult to pick up and relies on the contrasting texture of the bean sprouts. It takes a while to get used to the dish but it’s not bad.



Daily Congee:

The congee changes every time I come here and for this visit, we were given plain congee with bits of carrot. The congee is seasoned with enough salt so that it is not bland but it’s not too salty. It’s thicker in consistency and you can’t really make out the rice since it’s pretty broken down.



Korean Style Deep Fried Basa Fillet:

Frankly, I wouldn’t consider this a Korean dish but it sure was tasty! There was too much tarter sauce on top but I just pushed it all to the side. The basa fillet was lightly breaded and crispy on the outside but flakey on the inside. It didn’t taste too oily and the pieces given were big.


IMG_1498 copy

Deep Fried Sweet & Sour Pork:

The sweet & sour pork is more sweet than it is sour and the sauce doesn’t cover everything. The batter was a bit on the thicker side, but it was very crunchy.


IMG_1499 copy

Spicy Squid Salad:

There actually isn’t a lot of squid in the spicy squid salad, mostly veggies! The dish is not spicy at all as it is more on the savoury side. It’s a good dish to eat with the bowl of rice provided.


IMG_1500 copy

Kimchi Pancake:

The kimchi pancake is very thin with surprisingly, not much of a kimchi taste! It just tastes savoury with a bit of a doughy texture. The hot sauce is drawn in a very pretty flower design though :)



Herb Pork Belly:

The pork belly was relatively tender but on the blander side. I liked the inclusion of pickled radish to cut some of the heaviness of the pork belly.


IMG_1502 copy

Soy Bean Paste Soup:

Like the other dishes, the soy bean paste soup had mostly vegetables in it. The soup was strongly seasoned and it did make me feel thirsty afterwards.


IMG_1503 copy

Braised Beef Short-Ribs:

The short-ribs were tender and fall off the bone. I felt like it could have used a bit more seasoning though as it was quite bland.


At the end of the meal, we were also given a cup of rice punch that I forgot to take a photo of but it was sweet and refreshing. Sura’s lunch special is a good deal if you like to sample a variety of different dishes. The price is reasonable and you get quite a bit of food. Service is not too bad, some servers are friendlier than others so it just depends on your luck. The restaurants located in a very convenient location so does get busy during peak times!
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