Chosun: Mildly-Spicy Food Only

For my birthday this year, I decided to celebrate at Chosun since it was nearby and I haven’t had Korean food in a while. The dinner was for 9 people so we ordered a lot of food! This is going to be a long blogpost so grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy :)

IMG_1464 copy

First to arrive were the banchans. I only tried a little bit from some of them and they tasted decent, nothing out of the ordinary.


IMG_1460 copy

Goon Mandu ($6.95):

The mandu came as 6 pieces for one order. It was very crunchy with a juicy filling on the inside. The filling was nicely seasoned and I always love the addition of glass noodles in Korean dumplings.


IMG_1462 copy

Kimchi Fried Rice ($8.95):

The kimchi fried rice was a bit smaller than I had expected. However, it had a strong kimchi flavour and was a bit spicy. There were some vegetables scattered throughout and the rice wasn’t too wet.


IMG_1463 copy

Haemul Dukbokki ($9.95):

Since there wasn’t a normal deokkboki dish available, I had to get the one with seafood in it. The rice cakes were nicely soft and chewy. The sauce wasn’t too spicy or thick in consistency. There was quite a bit of seafood in the dish, including shrimp and mussel.


IMG_1466 copy

Sweet Sour Chicken ($15.95):

The deep-fried chicken was definitely one of the favourite dishes of the night. It arrived as a huge portion! The chicken was so crispy on the outside and the batter wasn’t too heavy. The sauce was a nice blend of sweet and sour with just a hint of spiciness.


IMG_1467 copy

Sundubu Jjigae ($8.95):

Of course, I also had to get a sundubu since I love tofu :) The portion size was a bit smaller but there was still plenty of ingredients in the soup. The seafood inside was smaller and of the frozen-variety but there was an adequate amount. The tofu was smooth and silky in texture. I did find that the soup was not very spicy though, and could have used more seasoning.


IMG_1468 copy

Black Bean Noodle ($8.95):

The jjajanmyeon here was pretty good. Once mixed together, the noodles were flavourful and a bit chewy in texture. The sauce was not too salty with a lot of vegetables in it.



Bibimbap ($10.95):

The dolsot bibimbap is always a crowd-pleaser and it was delicious once everything was mixed up together. The rice is a bit crispy from the stone bowl and it’s packed with a variety of ingredients. It was a little bland though so it needed some hot sauce for additional flavour.



Seafood Pancake ($14.95):

The seafood pancake was alright, but I’ve definitely had better. It wasn’t as crispy as I would like, as it was more doughy in texture. There was some seafood scattered throughout, but there could have been more.


IMG_1474 copy

Ojingeo Bokkeum ($14.95):

Ojingeo Bokkeum is spicy squid and vegetables. This was delicious with rice! There was a lot of squid and it was very tender. The vegetables had a nice crunch to them and everything was coated evenly in sauce. The dish wasn’t too spicy though and was more savoury.


IMG_1476 copy

Gamja Jungol – Large ($37.95):

Finally, we have the gamja jungol, or pork bone stew. There was a lot of meat on the bones and a few chunks of potatoes in the stew. Once again, it could have been spicier but there was still a little of heat. The broth was flavourful and comforting to have.


At the end of the meal, there was still a lot of food left on the table! So the portions are not too bad for the price. Most of the dishes could have been spicier though, but it was all still pretty tasty. Service is not the greatest and it can be hard to catch a server’s attention, but I find this is pretty typical of Korean restaurants. It does get really busy in the evening, so it’s probably better to make reservations for bigger groups!
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