Mt. Fuji Sushi: No Longer Good :(

I’ve blogged about Mt. Fuji Japanese Restaurant before back when it was still relatively new. The food was pretty good and the service was really friendly! Since then, I’ve only went a few times more and then didn’t drop by for almost a year. I did make a visit back there a few months back and I was disappointed to see that the ownership had changed :(


Gyoza ($5):

Although a lot of pieces were given for the price, these were pretty bad. The gyozas were oily and deep-fried for too long, making them really difficult to bite through. The filling was sparse and bland.



Chirashi Don ($11):

I was sad to see that I could no longer order an oyako don so I decided to go with the chirashi don. Strangely, it was presented in a typical rectangular styrofoam takeout box instead of a bowl. The sashimi was quite bad, some were still half-frozen in texture and others were tough and too chewy. It didn’t seem like the sashimi was very fresh at all. The rice underneath was also dry and bland.


It’s too bad that the food isn’t good anymore. Even though prices are still reasonable, the quality of the food is just not good enough for me to come back again. Guess I’ll have to head out further for Japanese food again now.
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