Bangkok City Cafe: Thai Food in Kits

Let’s be honest here, I hate going to class. I find it so difficult to focus and heaven forbid if a prof picks on me and asks me a question… In fact, I’m on the laptop most of the time reading up about food and restaurants! So when I was “researching” for my next food adventure, I came across Bangkok City Cafe and found that it had a very high rating. And guess where I headed off to after class was over? ;)


Tom Yum Kai ($4.50):

Spicy hot and sour soup with chicken and mushrooms. Right off the bat, I was very surprised by the vibrant red colour of the soup. The soup did indeed have a sour note to it and while it wasn’t extremely spicy, you do feel the heat start to build up as you sip through it. The chicken was too dry though and was tough to chew.


IMG_1239 copy

Pad See-Iw ($11.25):

Is it just me or do all Thai places have really small portions? The pad see-iw did have a nice caramelized soy-sauce flavour with a strong wok hei. There were ample amounts of chicken and egg scattered throughout.


IMG_1241 copy

Pisang Goreng:

Of course, I had to also get dessert :) The bananas were soft and a tad mushy but very sweet. I didn’t like the wrapper being used though because it was very difficult to bite through it and made the dessert not as enjoyable.


I have some mixed feelings about Bangkok City Cafe. The food was good, but it wasn’t as spectacular as I had expected it to be. Although the prices are reasonable for typical Thai food, I feel like some improvements could still be made. It does seem to be a popular choice for those in the area though with steady take-out orders!
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