Pho King Thai Hoa: Well, The Banh Mi was Decent.

Wow I dug these photos out from the recesses of my laptop! This visit was during winter and my brother and I were looking for a place for a late dinner. I’ve never been to Pho King Thai Hoa before but he’s been there a few times with friends and he said it was pretty decent. Uhhhh I didn’t know whether I could trust that judgement… but I decided to give it a try anyways!


Lemongrass Chicken with Egg on Rice ($8.00):

Not quite sure why the rice is in the shape of a brick… I remember the lemongrass chicken being a bit tough and over charred. The best part was the egg because you can’t screw that up!



Pho Dac Biet ($7.95):

For a second, I couldn’t remember which pho I ordered and the lack of ingredients didn’t help. The portion was smaller than other restaurants. The broth was flavourful with a bit of sweetness though. The noodles weren’t good though since they were clumped together and had a strange packaged(?) taste to them.



Special Banh Mi:

We also decided to get a banh mi and it wasn’t too bad. The bread was relatively fluffy with a crispy exterior. The fillings were a bit sparse, but the cold cuts were still flavourful. As a whole, the sandwich wasn’t too bad.


The food at Pho King Thai Hoa wasn’t that great but at least the price was fairly cheap. The portions are smaller though so other restaurants will have a better value compared to them.
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4 thoughts on “Pho King Thai Hoa: Well, The Banh Mi was Decent.

      • Haha I had the exact same thoughts when I first heard the name! I thought my brother was joking when he searched up the name for me!

        That’s a good pun, they should hire you to think of a better name for them ;)

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