NingTu Restaurant: Mmm… Deep Fried Yellow Fish with Seaweed!

Another post from a while back! Normally, I would never consider going to a restaurant like Ningtu since the restaurant exterior doesn’t look very pretty and it’s in such an unassuming location on Kingsway… But my parents were recommended by a friend to try NingTu’s deep fried yellow fish and peking duck so off we went one night for dinner.

IMG_1079 copy

Peking Duck:

The peking duck is mostly skin so for those who like some meat attached to the skin, they might not enjoy this very much. The duck skin was extremely crispy though.



The wraps that came with the duck were a bit different from other restaurants! They were a bit doughier and on the oilier side.



Since we were all starving, we happily munched away on our wraps. And then, a giant pile of lettuce appeared on the table! Which could only mean that the next dish would be…


IMG_1083 copy

Minced Duck with Lettuce Wrap:

The minced duck was a pretty big portion. Although I did find that the duck was a bit on the drier side, the dish as a whole was seasoned well.


IMG_1086 copy

Because we were worried that we would need some carbs to fill us up, we decided to get a fried rice cakes dish. We got fried rice cakes with pork and some greens. The rice cakes were soft without much bite to them. As a whole, the dish was quite oily and a bit saltier than we would have liked.


IMG_1089 copy

Deep Fried Yellow Fish with Seaweed:

Definitely the best dish of the night! It tasted like what an Asian version of fish and chips would be. The batter was extremely light with a faint taste of seaweed. It wasn’t too oily or heavy-tasting and the fish was nice and flaky.


IMG_1092 copy

Xiao Long Bao:

The xiao long bao’s had a relatively thin skin that didn’t break apart upon the slightest touch. There could have been more soup inside but the filling was nicely-seasoned.


While the peking duck was not bad, I would definitely come back for the deep fried yellow fish with seaweed! Overall, the dishes are pretty good and prices are not too high. The service was also really friendly and attentive.
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