Kingspark: Something for Everyone!

While my mom is more willing to try different types of food, my dad and my brother are not as adventurous… Which means that whenever we go out for dinner together, we always end up at places that serve very predictable food. So when we were in Richmond during dinner time and my dad wanted Deer Garden (AGAIN!), I suggested that we go to Kingspark instead.

IMG_1115 copy

Hot Almond Milk:

I ordered the almond milk and it was pretty strong-tasting and not powdery.



Cream soup that comes included with the combination plate. It has a pretty thick consistency and there’s not a lot of ingredients inside.



There’s also a salad with the combination plate. Just a bunch of mixed greens. Relatively fresh but there’s not much dressing on it. But hey, at least you can pretend to be healthy at a HK-style cafe!



Pan fried salmon and chicken steak. It’s also served with a side of vegetables and a choice of carbs (in this case, mashed potatoes). The salmon was a bit dry and bland but still okay. The chicken steak was very juicy and crispy on the outside.



Seafood Chow Mein:

The seafood chow mein was not bad as there was a variety of seafood. There was quite a bit of the starch-thickened clear sauce to coat everything. The noodles were crispy and not too oily.



Portuguese-style Baked Ox Tongue on Rice:

The sauce tasted like a very mild-version of curry despite the vibrant yellow colour. There was quite a bit of ox tongue in the dish that was tender but a little bland. An okay dish, but I would probably try something else next time.



Malaysian-style Rice Noodles:

The Malaysian-style rice noodles were pretty good. The dish was well-seasoned with a bit of a spicy kick and the noodles were not overcooked. There was also a lot of ingredients in the dish.


Kingspark has decent food for a cheap price. The portions are pretty big and there are a lot of options available on the menu! I’ve heard good things about the lobsters and steaks so I’ll probably try that next time. It’s also a good place for larger groups since everyone can find something that they will like.
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