Cafe Joie: Delicious Desserts in a Beautiful Setting

This visit was actually from quite a while back! I went to Cafe Joie with my coworkers after dinner and the place was very busy. I can see the appeal though as the cafe had a beautiful interior design and displays filled with scrumptious desserts. It would definitely make a good study spot. Since we were a bit full from dinner already, we decided to just share a waffle and get a drink each.

photo 1

Green Tea Waffle:

The waffle had strawberries, sliced almonds, mochi, matcha drizzle, green tea ice cream, a macaron, and whipped cream. The presentation was beautiful and we couldn’t wait to dig in. The waffle was crisp and sweet and paired wonderfully with the toppings. Everything was delicious and we quickly finished it. In particular, the macaron was made well – crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.


photo 2

Green Tea Latté:

And because having a green tea waffle wouldn’t be enough for me, I had to also get a green tea latte! The latte had a pretty foam art so I had to take an obligatory flat lay photo of it of course ;) Tastewise, there was only a mild matcha flavour since it did taste too milky. It wasn’t the best green tea latte that I’ve had, but it was still decent.


I would definitely go back to Cafe Joie again when I need a place to do some work or a spot to chill with friends. The desserts are aesthetically-pleasing to the eye although their drinks could be improved on a bit. It’s located in a convenient location just across from Metrotown and the hours are pretty good.
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