Saboten: There are Better Alternatives in the Food Court

I actually haven’t been to the Aberdeen food court in a very long time! Back in high school, my friends and I used to go there frequently but I would always go to the Japanese food stall for takoyaki. Clearly, I knew nothing about good food back in the day… It’s still as busy as ever though and there are a few new places that I want to check out! Since my mom and I were feeling a bit hungry while doing some grocery shopping, we decided to head over and get some food from Saboten.

photo 3

Tenderloin Katsu Don ($8.80):

At first glance, the katsu don didn’t look too pretty. But it actually tasted okay as I started to dig in to the food. The portion size was not too bad for someone with a normal appetite. The tonkatsu was slightly dry and not crispy enough but there was still a nice flavour to it. The rice was not very fresh though as it was a bit dried out.


photo 4

You also get a little bowl of miso soup along with the katsu don. The miso soup was very plain with barely any ingredients but at least it wasn’t too salty.


There wasn’t any line-up when I went to order and I can understand why. Although the prices are a bit higher, the food quality is not exactly up to par. Perhaps I should have gotten a set instead? The food tasted okay and it filled me up temporarily but I’ll probably hunt for something else in the food court next time!
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