U & I Thai: Craving the Stuffed Chicken Wings…

Just writing this blog post has me craving for Thai food again! I convinced my mom that we should go to U & I Thai for lunch since we were already in the area and it would be different from the usual sushi. We went in for an early lunch and the restaurant was still relatively empty, so it was nice and quiet. I also forgot to bring my camera out that day so I had to take the photos with my phone :(

photo 1

Stuffed Chicken Wings ($11.95):

Although it was a small portion for the price, the stuffed chicken wings were really good! They had a crispy skin with a flavourful filling. I also liked the textural contrast that I got from the vermicelli noodles inside. Now if only the price was cheaper…


photo 3

Pad Thai ($13.95):

The pad thai was served as a decent portion size for the price. Although the noodles were a bit clumped together, they were sufficiently chewy with a bit of a bite. There was a familiar sourness from the tamarind and the dish was well-seasoned. I didn’t find a lot of chicken scattered throughout the noodles but there was plenty of tofu and egg.


photo 4

Green Curry ($14.95):

The portion size for the curry was smaller than I had expected. However, the curry was very flavourful due to the coconut milk and all the spices. We chose chicken for the protein and it was a bit on the drier side, making it tougher to chew. The curry also comes with a bowl of rice.


We enjoyed our meal at U & I Thai. While the prices are on the higher end, the food is pretty good even if the portions are on the smaller side. I would not eat there regularly, but it is nice for a treat once in a while.
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