Ramie’s Greek Restaurant: Yummy Roast Lamb :)

It’s been a long time since I’ve last been to Ramie’s! Conveniently located near Metrotown, my mom and I headed over there for lunch the other day. The restaurant wasn’t busy when we got there and we chose a nice spot by the windows :)

IMG_1265 copy

We started off with a basket of pita bread! The pita bread was very soft and fluffy.


IMG_1266 copy

Baked Lasagna ($10.95):

Truthfully, I only got this because I was really craving lasagna so I didn’t expect much. The lasagna noodles were a bit overcooked and broke apart easily. The sauce tasted fine but the consistency was thinner than I expected, causing a giant puddle of sauce to be left behind in the end. The lasagna was okay, but I probably wouldn’t get this again.


IMG_1267 copy

Roast Lamb ($17.95):

The roast lamb was presented very nicely and the platter was huge! The lamb shoulder was well-seasoned and very tender. I love greek salad so I was very happy with the big portion since all the veggies were very fresh :) The rice was nice and fluffy, the potato had a nice lemony tang to it, and the cooked vegetables were simple and served plain.


Just writing this post has me craving for roast lamb again! For the most part, the food was really good and you’re given a lot of food for the price you pay. Service was very friendly and the atmosphere was very relaxing to be in.
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