Cafe Gloucester: Is That Soup in a Gravy Boat??

This is one of those visits from a very long time ago! It was late at night and Cafe Gloucester seemed like a good place for dinner. FYI, I was third-wheeling my brother and his girlfriend during this meal… I don’t care though, as long as I have food ;)


Sole Fillet with Corn Sauce:

First of all, this is the nicest plating I’ve ever seen at a HK-style cafe! The sole fillet was pretty good, flaky and lightly seasoned. The vegetables weren’t mushy and overcooked, so that’s always good! Now you’re probably wondering, where’s the corn sauce? Well…



The corn sauce was served on a separate plate along with the rice! Strangely, the sauce tasted just like the cream of corn soup that they serve… which meant that it was heavy and starchy without much of a corn flavour. Below are the other dishes that were ordered:



Baked Seafood on Rice


IMG_1005 copy

BBQ Duck with Noodles in Soup


I find myself frequenting Cafe Gloucester when choosing a place that will please everyone. The menu is huge so there’s always something for everyone! The food is alright but it’s on the pricier side so I wouldn’t purposely make a trip to there. Service is pretty bad, but that’s expected from such establishments!
Cafe Gloucester 告羅士打餐廳 on Urbanspoon


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