Gold Train Express II: That MSG Overload.

Unlike most of my food adventures, I had never expected to end up at Gold Train Express! I was actually walking past to head to Strike because I wanted some Taiwanese food. But because it was a really windy day, I was shivering in the cold and the temptation of a piping hot bowl of pho for a cheap price lured me in…


Cha Gio ($4.50):

The spring rolls were very crispy and the filling was flavourful, but a tad too mushy.



I can’t remember which pho I got but it clearly had rare beef and tripe in it! I got the large size and the portion was pretty big. I remember the beef being tough and too chewy. The noodles were clumped together and had a slightly weird aftertaste. The broth was quite sweet and sure enough, I was feeling very thirsty soon after my meal.


While the pho may have warmed me up from the cold, I was soon regretting my decision as I started guzzling down water afterwards! The portions are big and the prices are cheap but don’t expect much.
Gold Train Express II on Urbanspoon


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