Nando’s: Post-Midterm Remedy!

Back at Nando’s again! This time, I decided to go to the Kerrisdale location since it was on the way back from school. I had just finished a midterm that night and was feeling a bit hungry after doing accounting calculations for several hours… so Nando’s seemed like a good choice for some chicken and fries!


Double Leg Combo ($14.96):

First of all, the portion size is SO much bigger than the Burnaby location! I feel like I was cheated during my previous experience of Nando’s… As expected, the chicken was tender and a bit spicy from the peri peri sauce! It was satisfying and made me feel better after that horrible midterm :) I also “attempted” to be healthy by getting vegetables as one of my sides. That didn’t work out too well as the veggies were quite oily but at least they were fresh and crunchy to eat!



For my second side, I decided to go for the peri peri fries. The fries were sufficiently crispy and delicious because of the seasoning.


This Nando’s experience was much better than my previous one because I didn’t feel like the portion size was too small! It’s still quite expensive though but I don’t mind going back once in a while for some bbq chicken.
Nando's Flame Grilled Chicken on Urbanspoon


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