Church’s Chicken: Happiness for $5 :)

As a child, my family would get KFC on the weekends because it was conveniently located in the mall. Those were the only times that I could eat anything unhealthy so I always looked forward to the weekend! I didn’t like KFC much though because the chicken was always quite dry but it was either that or no deep-fried goodness at all :( Well fast-forward to today where I’m now supposedly a mature and independent adult who is expected to make the right choices… I can get fried chicken whenever I want to! So that means I can head to Church’s Chicken whenever I get cravings :)


Church’s Chicken is definitely better than KFC! The fried chicken is so crispy on the outside but extremely juicy and tender on the inside :) It’s seasoned without being too salty and I always wish that I had ordered more afterwards. I also love their crinkle cut fries that are crispy with just a slight flavouring of salt.



The same deal at the Fraser St. location! Still as delicious and I was given so many fries this time :)


Make sure you use their coupons or else it’ll be really expensive! I know fried chicken isn’t good for my health at all but it’s always worth it. Just writing this post has me craving for Church’s Chicken right now, mmmmm!
Church's Chicken on Urbanspoon
Church's Chicken on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Church’s Chicken: Happiness for $5 :)

    • Oh my goodness, I’ve been wanting to go to LA Chicken for the longest time!! I’ve just never had the time to go yet :( Definitely making a trip there after my finals are over!

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