T&T: I Always Find Myself Back There…

Oh T&T, you’re like my guilty pleasure that I don’t want anyone to know about. I know that your food isn’t that great and your prices are too high but I still find myself being entranced by the rows and rows of food. And when my stomach is grumbling as I walk past you to get to my car, I always have to make a detour and bring something home!


Spicy Assorted Sushi Roll ($5.49):

Uhhh I have no idea how they came up with the name for this roll because it isn’t very descriptive with the word “assorted”. What it actually has is fish, tamago, imitation crab meat, and cucumbers. Nothing tasted unpleasant and the spicy sauce drizzled on top helped with the taste. Predictably, the rice was on the drier side and bland.


IMG_0979 copy

BBQ Eel Sushi ($6.99):

The eel was not too bad even though there were a few tiny bones present. It was marinated well enough and tasted alright.


I don’t expect much from T&T since it’s just a convenient place to get a quick meal if you want a large selection to choose from. Everything tastes okay but that’s about it. And I know it’s not worth the price but I find myself back there looking at the food each time. It’s just too hard to quit!
T & T Supermarket 大統華超級市場 on Urbanspoon


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