Little Caesar’s Pizza: $5 Pizza. 20 Minutes of Happiness.

I’ve been going through some depression lately. Probably a combination of working too much, going to school for something that I’m not passionate about, and this growing uneasiness of what I’m doing with life since I’ll be graduating soon. So as you can see, I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while but I’m hoping that 2015 will be a better year :) As a result, I’ve been craving greasy junk food to eat away my sorrows and I decided to go to Little Caesar’s one day. Spontaneous decision that is bad for my health but I don’t care.


Pepperoni Pizza:

Little Caesar’s offers their pepperoni pizza for only $5 and it is hot-n-ready. I don’t want to know how long the pizza’s probably been sitting there but at least it was still edible. The crust is too chewy and bland, the pepperoni is also surprisingly bland, and the cheese has a similar texture to plastic. However, it was just what I needed to distract myself from some dark thoughts and give me 20 minutes of happiness.


Would I go back to Little Caesar’s Pizza on a regular day? No, but it sure did give me temporary bliss during the short time that we had together.
Little Caesars Pizza on Urbanspoon


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