Tropika: Decent Malaysian Food

So, stupid me decided to forget to write about my visit to Tropika from over a month ago! I knew university was bad for my mental health… As a result, I won’t be able to comment thoroughly on the taste as my memory is failing me but I hope my pictures will still be a useful guide :)


Tahu Goreng:

The tofu was fried up very nicely where it wasn’t too oily and it was silky and smooth. I also liked the sweet soy sauce that came as an accompaniment.



Lamb Satays:

Displaying a decent char, the lamb satays were pretty tender and did not taste too gamey. The peanut sauce that it came with was chunky but it was still too mild in taste.



Roti Canai:

I can’t remember how many orders we got but the portion was really small for the price. The roti canai was pretty good; soft, flaky, and buttery. I do remember the curry sauce being extremely bland though.



Sambal Green Beans:

The beans were very flavourful with a nice spiciness to them. This was one of my favourite dishes for the night.



Hainanese Chicken:

This was definitely disappointing. The chicken was bland and worse, the meat was so dry and tough.



Pineapple Fried Rice with Ham and Chicken:

Composed of mainly rice and not much ham and chicken, I found the fried rice to be lacking some flavour and could barely detect the sweetness from the pineapples.



Sambal Clams:

These were another favourite as the portion size was not bad. The clams were pretty plump and had a fresh taste. They were tasty coated in the samba sauce.



Char Bee Hoon:

The noodles were a bit wet and tasted quite bland. There were a generous amount of fish cake slices and a few pieces of shrimp. Alright dish but I probably won’t order this again.



Spicy Squid (?):

Sorry, I’m not sure what the name of this dish is! The squid pieces were marinated in a tangy and slightly spicy sauce with some bell peppers and onions. The squid was a bit chewier than I would have liked but this dish was actually quite tasty.


In general, Tropika serves up decent Malaysian food although there are a few dishes that I would not order again. The prices are pretty high so don’t come here if you’re expecting a cheap meal! I also find that the service can be good or bad depending on your luck.

Tropika at Lansdowne 星馬印 on Urbanspoon


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