T&T: Convenient During Busy Times

I’ve been busy with meetings recently so my eating schedule is a bit messed up with lunch being at 3 and dinner at 9 :( Sigh, such is life. So, I’ve had to enjoy many meals in the luxury of my old and stuffy car. While driving. Yea, it probably wouldn’t be wise to copy me… Anyways, I decided to grab some food from T&T the other day since I haven’t had food from there in a long time and it was convenient!


Salmon Crazy Sushi ($7.99):

The farmed salmon nigiri was actually not as bad as I had been expecting, the salmon was smooth and buttery although lacking flavour. The rice, predictably, was dry and a little hard without any flavouring. The wild salmon nigiri had a slight fishy taste to it and the tamago nigiri was bland and lacked fluffiness. The california roll was pretty good with a minimal amount of rice and a decent crab meat mixture.



Mango Tapioca Cup:

Of course, I can’t forget about dessert! I actually quite enjoyed this since there is a strong taste of mango and plenty of little tapioca pearls. The pudding is on the stiffer side though and becomes quite heavy as you get down to the last few bites.


T&T does its job by providing an astounding variety of food items for the busy person on the go. While the food isn’t the best and the prices aren’t the cheapest, it’s convenient and at least I know it will suppress my hunger for a few more hours.
T & T Supermarket 大統華超級市場 on Urbanspoon


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