Vivacity Restaurant: Decent. That’s About It.

Dim sum again? Yep, my mom seems to refuse to believe that there are other types of food available… This time, we decided to go to Vivacity Restaurant in Richmond! I remember going there a few years back but it wasn’t very memorable so I was excited to try the food again :)


Stir-fried Rice Noodle w/ Beef:

The rice noodles were pale in colour and did lack that wok hei to give it more flavour. I was surprised that the noodles weren’t too oily since that is uncommon in most Chinese restaurants. There was also an ample amount of beef. Decent-tasting and it did its job as a filler.



Steamed Rice Roll w/ Chinese Donut:

The rice noodle was actually smooth and and not too dense in texture. However, the Chinese donut was not as fresh because it was not airy and the donut was hard to chew through.



Rice Roll w/ Spareribs in Hotpot:

This dish arrived to the table bubbling with plenty of steam rising up! Not too salty, the rice noodle rolls had a nice silky texture and lots of flavour from the sauce. The spareribs were extremely tender but at the same time quite fatty. It’s best to eat this immediately as once it sits for too long, the fat and starch thickens the sauce and everything begins to taste very heavy.



Steamed Shrimp Dumpling:

The skin had a slight translucency and was the right thickness. Unfortunately, it was too wet as the dumplings stuck to each other and broke when picked up. The shrimp filling consisted of mainly whole pieces of shrimp with a nice snap to them.



Steamed Beef Ball:

The meat had a good bouncy texture and an appropriate amount of spices for flavour. No complaints.


In general, I enjoyed my visit to Vivacity Restaurant but I would not visit again unless I’m in the area. The food was decent but that was it. Certain aspects were executed well and others could use some improvement but on the whole, it did the job. The prices aren’t too high and service was generally attentive and friendly by most of the staff.
Vivacity Restaurant 名都海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon


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