Peninsula Seafood Restaurant: That’s Some Pricey Dim Sum…

When my mom suggested that we try out Peninsula Seafood Restaurant, I immediately had some reservations. Looking at the UrbanSpoon reviews and having worked at Oakridge before, I am aware of the “particular” clientele that this mall attracts. The expensive cars parked out front don’t help either. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try and see if the restaurant deserved such a low rating!


House Special Shrimp Dumpling:

This comes with 6 pieces instead of the usual 4 so I guess that justifies the higher price? I found the skin to be on the thicker side, hence being a bit too chewy. The shrimp filling, however, consisted of whole pieces of shrimp that had a good snap to them and was flavoured nicely with sesame oil.



Poached Beef Ball and Watercress in Superior Soup:

Now these are a definite miss. The meat was over tenderized and lacked a bite to them, felt a bit too spongy… The beef balls were quite bland and I didn’t get what was so “superior” about the soup, tasted like a typical broth to me!



Pan Fried Rice Noodle Rolls with XO Sauce:

The rice noodle rolls were actually cooked well with a nice caramelization and enough wok hei. A bit oilier than necessary, but the noodle rolls were smooth and not too doughy. There was also an ample amount of mushrooms, bean sprouts, and pickled greens.



Peninsula Bun:

These took a very long time to arrive and didn’t show up until we were pretty much done everything else! Baked to order, the buns were extremely pillowy soft and airy. The topping seemed a bit pale, but it was sufficiently crisp and mildly sweet in flavour. The buns encased a taro filling that actually had small chunks of taro in it. Aromatic and flavourful without being too sweet.


Peninsula actually wasn’t as bad as I had been preparing myself for. The food is actually very well-prepared in some aspects and the service was very good during our visit. However, I do understand that the prices may seem atrocious. This meal for two costed a bit over $50 after tax and tips, and the money could have been better spent elsewhere.

Peninsula Seafood Restaurant 半島公館 on Urbanspoon


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