Yummy Sushi: Better than Bon’s?

I’ve always loved getting breakfast food in restaurants even though I know I could easily cook up a plate myself. But sometimes, I can get a traditional American-style breakfast for such a cheap price that it beats having to clean up pans afterwards! No, I’m not talking about Bon’s this time, but a restaurant called Yummy Sushi in the Fairview area! Aside from the interesting name choice, they’re popular for their $2.99 breakfast special so I had to pay a visit to see if it would be better than Bon’s.


Breakfast Special ($2.99):

For 3 bucks, you get 2 eggs, your choice of bacon/sausage/ham, hash browns, and 2 pieces of toast. Well, the value is definitely there! I chose my eggs scrambled and they came out looking very homestyle, similar to the scrambled eggs that my mom makes. Still tasty though. I chose sausages and I appreciated that they were not overly salty even if they were just a tad too oily. The hash browns needed a bit more time in the pan, as it was missing the browning and crispiness that I love. They were completely bland though and required a generous portion of ketchup to give it some taste. The toast was typical and nicely toasted.


So, is Bon’s better or Yummy Sushi? Taste wise, I think I have to give the point to Bon’s since their scrambled eggs are actually fluffy and their potatoes are crispy. However, the Asian lady that was serving us was just so cheerful and friendly that it made my visit really enjoyable. She was just constantly running around making sure that everyone was happy and things were running smoothly. And you know what? For only $3, I’m not going to complain about what I received!
Yummy Sushi on Urbanspoon


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