Earls: Overall, Good for Group Dinners

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write a post! Life is busy, but then again, when is it not? Not much of a summer for me this year but ah well, that’s life. Anyways, this is actually a visit to Earls back in July but at least these photos get to see the light of day now! Since this was from a while back, I can’t recall all the details but I’ll try my best to recount the experience :)


Mediterranean Calamari ($13):

Served in an ample portion, the squid had a nice bounce and chewiness to it. The batter was relatively light and the calamari was lightly seasoned so that I could take a few extra pieces without it being overwhelming. It definitely did not feel oily at all.



Chicken Wings ($6):

Since we were there on a Wednesday, we were able to partake in “Wing Wednesday”, where the wings are half price! I know we chose salt & pepper for half of them but I can’t seem to remember what the other flavour was. I guess it doesn’t matter though, because salt & pepper was clearly the winner and was finished off first. The wings were acceptable but a bit dried out.



Italia Pizza ($15):

Virginia ham, salami and chorizo, provolone cheese, parmesan, fresh basil, san marzano tomato sauce, hand tossed thin crust pizza. Never expected that I would be eating pizza at Earls! The pizza had a nice crispy thin crust and a spiciness that I enjoyed. Toppings seemed really sparse though because I could barely pick out the meats!



Braised BBQ Back Ribs + Cajun Chicken Combo – Half Order ($25.50):

The ribs were tender and flavourful with the marinade. It was a large enough portion even for a half order. The cajun chicken, I remember, was too dry and not that appetizing. The potato salad was actually quite delicious, seasoned but not too heavy and the texture with the peel on was much appreciated. The crunchy coleslaw also provided a nice acidity that helped break down the heaviness of the other components.



Mediterranean Linguini w/ Sautéed Prawns ($18.75):

The pasta was nicely cooked with an al dente consistency and the shrimp had a good bouncy texture. However, the dominant flavour of this dish was a sourness that overwhelmed the whole thing a bit. The tartness wakes you up, that’s for sure!



Mediterranean Linguini w/ Chicken ($18.25):

The same flavours as above but I think the shrimp is a better option than chicken as the chicken was slightly too dry.



Fettuccini Alfredo w/ Prawns ($18):

I was not able to try this but it looked quite appetizing :)



Bacon Cheddar Burger w/ Yam Fries ($18):

I also didn’t get a chance to try the burger but the yam fries were crispy with a natural sweetness that you don’t get with regular french fries.


In general, I enjoyed my visit to Earls. While there were some misses with certain dishes, the food overall was delicious and there are a lot of options to suit everyone’s tastes. The service was attentive and friendly with constant check-ups. When dining in a big group, I don’t expect much but I had a pretty good experience at Earls!
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