Golden Oscar Cafe & Restaurant: Good Food, But Drinks are Too Expensive

HK style cafes. I always have mixed feelings when someone suggests this type of food. I love that it’s cheap but at the same time, I hate that the service is crappy. I love that the portions are generous but at the same time, I hate that the food can sometimes be inedible. Not to mention the fact that I always have to head out to Richmond to get decent food and let’s not even get started on parking there… But seeing how Golden Oscar is relatively close to home and I’d rather go anywhere than 54th Ave Cafe, I decided to pay a visit to the place that’s never really caught my eye.


Cold Lemon Tea ($3.50):

I think it’s kind of stupid how not all dinner entrees come with a drink. Sigh, making me fork over $3.50 just for a drink… It was pretty standard with a strong tea-taste and I appreciated the little cup of syrup on the side so that I can adjust the sweetness.



Ice Cream Float ($3.95):

Yea, shame on my brother for paying 4 bucks for coke and a scoop of ice cream. How hard is it to make an ice cream float?!? Definitely not worth it.



Baked Pork Chop on Rice ($9.85):

With two giant pieces of pork chop resting on a bed of egg fried rice and covered under the tomato sauce, this was a large portion of food. I did enjoy this though. I liked that the tomato sauce was creamier than other restaurants, without the prominent sour taste of ketchup. The pork chop was breaded nicely with a crispy exterior and the meat was still juicy. The fried rice effectively soaked up the sauce to mask some of the dryness.


Golden Oscar was decent, but I wouldn’t come back unless I was in the area with no other options. Although the portions are large, which is typical of most HK style cafes, I find that the price is too high compared to other restaurants. The restaurant was kept very clean and the service was actually exceptionally friendly, so points to them for that!
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