Fujiya: Fresher Sushi Than T&T!

I’ve been super busy and haven’t been able to even use the computer leisurely for the past few days! And when I had the time, who knew trying to catch up on a few day’s worth of Urbanspoon reviews could be so time-consuming… So since I have a shorter amount of time than anticipated to churn out a blog post, I’m going to be writing about pre-packaged take-out sushi today! Yay! …no one else is excited? Trust me, it’s not that bad :)


Salmon Roll ($3.45):

This roll is definitely meant to fill you up for a cheap price since there were 12 pieces. I appreciated the fact that the salmon was actually buttery in texture and had a pretty fresh flavour. As expected, the rice was a bit dry and very mildly flavoured but it was still better than the same sushi offered at T&T, for example.



Chopped Salmon Roll ($4.50):

Out of the two, I preferred the chopped salmon roll more. The flavours were stronger and I liked the subtle spicy kick that I tasted.  It helped mask the mediocre rice and the salmon also tasted quite fresh in the roll surprisingly.


Nothing much to say, I was satisfied with the quality and taste coming from a grocery store. It’s convenient for the times when you need to pick up some sushi quickly on the go and definitely better than the sushi offered at T&T (which is where I usually go to for a quick meal). I might consider dropping by more often since I was pretty happy with what I got.
Fujiya on Urbanspoon


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