Pho Real: Decent Food for the Neighbourhood

It’s actually taken me a while to try out Pho Real which is surprising since I live close by. But then again, Vietnamese food isn’t at the top of my list so I never find myself craving it. I have to admit though, Vietnamese food is cheap and tasty so it’s always a popular choice for a lot of people. Where else can you get filled up for around $10? Hmmm maybe that’s why I always went out for pho when I was a teenager…


Shrimp Salad Rolls ($6):

I think $6 is a little expensive for 2 rolls that aren’t that large either. The shrimp was a bit small and didn’t have a nice snap to them. The rice wrapper had a good chewy consistency and wasn’t too thick though. The salad rolls tasted fresh and and light on the whole.



Lemongrass Chicken & Spring Rolls with Vermicelli ($10.50):

Well, I have to say that the presentation was actually given some thought, just look at the way the spring rolls are placed! The chicken was tender and juicy, but it seemed like it was pan-fried, not grilled so it was lacking that smoky flavour. It did have a strong lemongrass taste though. The spring rolls, unfortunately, were a complete fail. They tasted like something you get in a frozen pack at Costco, bland and soggy in texture. Vermicelli was perfectly cooked though :)


I wasn’t that impressed by Pho Real but at least it wasn’t downright terrible. There aren’t any other Vietnamese restaurants in the nearby area so I guess they can get away with slightly higher prices and cut corners for a few things. I wouldn’t mind coming back if I wanted Vietnamese food and I’m too lazy to travel far but I definitely would skip on the spring rolls next time!
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