Bon’s Off Broadway: $2.95 Breakfast!

In addition to Japanese food, I find that I’m always craving breakfast food, regardless of the time of day. Must be the fact that I was never allowed to indulge in the traditional American-style breakfast growing up :( The same scenario also applies to my brother and he satisfies his cravings by frequently visiting this “dirty and shady place to get cheap breakfast with the guys”. Sounds very appealing… Turns out that the place that he was talking about is Bon’s Off Broadway. How cheap is the food? Well, their breakfast special is only $2.95. Yep, that’s right. 3 bucks. Needless to say, I dragged my brother out to be my personal bodyguard – I mean, dining companion!


Now, you’re probably wondering why the picture looks like a first-time instagrammer overdosed on filters! You see, stupid me decided to bring out the DSLR to a restaurant where the typical clientele is a little let’s say, rough around the edges. And it just so happens that we were seated next to a group of interesting characters in which I did not want to draw unnecessary attention to myself at all. So I quickly whipped out the camera, took a picture, and hid the camera away again without changing my settings at all. But similar to how people don’t go to Bon’s for their decor or ambiance, let’s just focus on the food aspect :)

The All Day Breakfast comes with 2 eggs, your choice of sausage/ham/bacon, potatoes, and toast. As expected, it was greasy as heck and tasted typical but it sure satisfied my craving. I probably wouldn’t get the sausages again since they were extra oily but flavourless. The bacon tastes a bit better! Everything tasted like it was supposed to and I did appreciate that the potatoes were actually a bit crispy from being pan-fried.


I’m pretty satisfied for having only paid $3 for this meal. It was a generous portion so if you’re tight on cash and don’t mind dining in a dingy atmosphere where graffiti covers the walls and booth seats are torn, definitely check out Bon’s. Just keep in mind that you’re only here for the food and nothing else!
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