Super Buffet: Care to Try Some Frog Legs?

I actually forgot about my visit to Super Buffet so these pictures are from quite a while back! I know this is very common of Vancouverites when we head down the border – we always end up going to buffets in the US. There’s just something about being able to consume a large variety of food at an affordable price that’s just so tempting…


I remember the siu mai’s being dried out and not having much flavour. The dumplings were generic tasting. The mussels were actually not bad and tasted fresh enough. I’m probably the only one that gets crab rangoons, but I did enjoy it. I would pass on the cheese-stuffed bread, as it was extremely oily and heavy but it didn’t taste good at all. The teriyaki chicken was really tender and juicy while the “Japanese” chicken was dry and hard to chew.



Now, frog legs is something that I have never seen before at buffets. While it may look intimidating, it actually tastes like a milder version of chicken and I found them to be a bit on the saltier side. It was fun to eat this, since I haven’t had them in so many years! The coconut shrimp was very heavy and quite sweet. The clams were alright but I got more empty shells than actual clam meat. The chicken w/ broccoli is always a safe option, as the chicken is tender while the broccoli is flavourful by soaking up the sauce. The chow mein was actually not too oily or overcooked, even if it was bland.



The sushi rolls were not impressive as they were very dry and bland. The vegetable tempura was equally unimpressive, as it was lukewarm and the batter was thick and doughy. The cucumbers were a nice change from all the heaviness. The ribs were dry and not exactly fall-off-the-bone tender. The squid was good, with a bit of a spicy kick and the squid was tender. Unfortunately, the roast chicken was dry and bland. The spring roll was decent.


Clearly, Super Buffet wasn’t impressive. They do have a lot of diners but that’s probably due to the large volume of visitors from Canada. It’s cheap and filling, and there’s a lot of options that you can choose from so I guess it’s a good stop before some shopping. The frog legs were a surprise to see so that’s what distinguishes Super Buffet from all the other Asian buffets.
Super Buffet 北海道 on Urbanspoon


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