Cactus Club Cafe: Wow, I Wasn’t Expecting So Much Ribs!

Park Royal has really changed a lot since my childhood. In my memories, I remembered it as a quiet, empty, and boring mall that my family would only head over to on Boxing Day to beat the crowds for cheap chocolates at London Drugs! Well, fast forward to present day, and they’ve expanded and now have stores that I would actually be interested in :) I also find that the area is very nice, traveling around the sections of the mall is easy and there are a decent selection of restaurants nearby. So I paid a visit to Cactus Club Cafe since it’s been quite a while since my last visit to one of their locations!


Jack Daniels’ Ribs ($26):

Slow-roasted with j.d. bbq sauce, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables. So I was impressed because I was expecting only half a rack of ribs, but I was presented with a full rack! Portion wise, this dish was pretty generous in size. I do wish that the ribs would more tender since I didn’t find them to be perfectly fall off the bone. The sauce was strong with a generic taste as I couldn’t really detect much of the Jack Daniel’s. The mashed potatoes and asparagus were also predictable but delicious. All in all, a dish that did the job and although it didn’t impress me, it also didn’t disappoint either.


Cactus Club Cafe is a pretty safe option when it comes to dining out. There are a lot of different offerings to suit everyone’s tastebuds and the prices aren’t too high. Service was extremely friendly and well-done with the servers trying to make actual conversation. The interior is also very nicely decorated and comfortable!
Cactus Club Cafe on Urbanspoon


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