Thai Village: At least the lady is really nice…

It’s quite crazy how dead the International Village food court can be during the day. You see random diners scattered about and it’s pretty much eerily quiet if not for the background music playing on the speakers. I’m also hesitant to get food from there at times too since who knows how long the food’s been sitting under those heating lamps… But since I was in the area, I decided to get some “Thai” food to fill up my belly since I had a meeting to get to soon! Oh, and I also apologize for the unattractive photo, I swear I really tried to make it look more appetizing!


Pad Thai: I’m a bit hesitant to even call this pad thai… The noodles were predictably dry and bland with a slight sour taste that was obviously flavoured with ketchup. But taking into consideration the area, I’m satisfied that it was at least edible and didn’t taste funky at all.

Curry Chicken: I was actually quite surprised about the curry chicken as it was pretty flavourful and had a bit of a spicy kick to it. The chicken was tender and the potatoes soaked in a lot of flavour from the curry. This wasn’t bad.

Suki Pork: I think that was the name of it…? This was very heavy with the batter and the meat was dry and tough. And strangely, it was pretty bland so it wasn’t fun finishing this off. I would definitely skip on this one.


The food from Thai Village isn’t that great but then again, neither is most of the food in this food court. The only thing that I actually enjoyed was the curry chicken so that’s clearly not a good sign. However, the lady that manages the stall is very nice (and I can’t say the same about the Chinese place next to it…) so if I REALLY have to get food from International Village, I wouldn’t mind paying her a visit again.
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