Au Petit Cafe: Alright, that’s a pretty good banh mi!

Whoops, forgot about this post so it’s been sitting on the back burner for a while now! Better late than never I suppose… just like my visit to Au Petit Cafe. I haven’t had Vietnamese food in the longest time and I’ve been meaning to make a visit but it never happened because I either forgot about it or I didn’t want to deal with large crowds or it just wasn’t in the area… the point is, it’s been quite a delay for this restaurant review!


#36 Curry Beef Stew Served with Rice Noodle in Soup ($8.75):

You can also choose to get the beef stew with a baguette instead of noodles but I didn’t feel like eating that much bread! This was delicious and although I was expecting the curry to be a bit stronger, it was still flavourful and a bit spicy :) The beef was also tender and in big chunks. All in all, a good bowl of noodles that warms up the body during those chilly winter days!



#1 Banh Mi Dac Biet ($5):

Mmm… I now know why people rave about their banh mi’s! This one has Vietnamese ham, meatballs, vegetables, and hot peppers inside. The bun was… extraordinary – an extremely crispy exterior that reveals a soft, fluffy interior. You know those banh mi’s that seem like they’ll break off a tooth with how hard it is to bite through the bread? Rest assured, you won’t have that problem here! The filling was plentiful and well-flavoured, especially the meatballs. The hot peppers also gave it a bit of a kick to make your experience all the more satisfying :)


Now you might be wondering, why were 2 different cameras used to take the pictures? Well, I arrived at around 11 and since I was the only one dining at the time, the staff were all just staring at me… so I decided to be inconspicuous and just take the picture with my phone! It also didn’t make me feel any better that a crowd came soon after and THEY were all staring at me eating while waiting for their food to arrive… At least I was able to eat my banh mi in peace :) All awkwardness aside, their food is delicious and way better than your typical Vietnamese restaurants so I would definitely recommend going here for a try!
Au Petit Cafe 小小咖啡屋 on Urbanspoon


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