White Spot: There’s Comfort in Familiarity

Sure, White Spot isn’t the fanciest restaurant around nor is their food the most delicious, but it sure makes me happy after a meal. It might be because of the sentimental attachments that I have for this place, since we used to come here only for special occasions (clearly, I lived in the most healthiest household ever).


French Onion Bigger Burger ($13.49):

I also decided to sub my fries for a baked potato poutine (extra $3.49). The burger was satisfying enough, the patty was moist and I loved the sweetness of the onions. It’s not the daintiest thing to eat but boy was it delicious! I also decided to give their new poutine option a try and was unfortunately disappointed :( The gravy was absolutely flavourless and it just felt like I was eating fries with some sour cream and bacon bits. Not worth the price and I would stick with endless fries instead.



Bacon Cheddar Bigger Burger ($12.99):

Fries were also substituted for a monty mushroom bacon poutine (extra $3.99). Didn’t get to give this a try but my cousin seemed to like it enough.



Lifestyle Chicken Burger ($11.49):

For those who want a healthier option to the bigger burgers, the lifestyle chicken burger is a good alternative. The chargrilled chicken breast was surprisingly tender and juicy – not dry at all!


In general, I enjoyed my food at White Spot. It was a pleasant visit and although service was lacking a bit in the beginning, it soon picked up (although it might have been because our waitress had forgotten to give us any cutlery…) The food is predictable and not much has changed over the years but I guess there’s comfort in familiarity.
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2 thoughts on “White Spot: There’s Comfort in Familiarity

    • Yes, looks were quite deceiving since the dark colour made me think that it would be rich and flavourful! Should have stuck with the basics since you can never go wrong there, sigh… White Spot is a classic family restaurant that has many locations in Vancouver, B.C.!

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