Sushi Oyama: Try Their Las Vegas Roll!

I actually go to Sushi Oyama a lot when I’m in the Metrotown area. The restaurant is spacious, there’s never a wait when I go (compared to Sushi Garden), and the portions are big and delicious for the price. But there’s also one other thing that makes me keep going back there – the Las Vegas Roll.


Miso Soup:

According to the receipt, if your takeout is more than $15, you get a free cup of miso soup. Standard and forgettable, but it was much appreciated during this cold weather that we’ve been having.



Alaska Combo ($8.30):

Consists of an alaska roll, ebi nigiri, tuna nigiri, and 2 salmon nigiri. Hmmm the alaska roll is a lot smaller for takeout when compared to dine-in. It was delicious, with the creaminess of the avocados and butteriness of the salmon being accented by a citrus sauce (that was strangely a bit solid). The nigiri was typical and nothing tasted off but it wasn’t spectacular either.



Las Vegas Roll ($8.90):

It looks quite unappetizing in a takeout box, but its presentation is stunning when you actually dine in. It is a deep-fried roll that contains cream cheese, spicy salmon, crab meat, and cucumber on the inside, topped with masago, bonito flakes, and 5 kinds of sauces. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? :) There are no words to explain how wonderful the taste is; it’s creamy, crunchy, and savoury all at once in your mouth. It’s full of flavours and you just have to try it.


In general, I really like the food at Sushi Oyama. The prices are low and the portions are big, but not overwhelmingly big. The specialty rolls (especially the las vegas roll) are delicious and are a good deal for what you get. Sure, it’s not authentic at all but they’re always consistent and I’m always happy after eating :)
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