Isami Sushi: Sometimes, It’s Good to Go Back to the Basics

I’ve wanted to try Isami Sushi for the longest time now. Located right across Staples at the corner of Kingsway and McKay, I was curious to see what’s inside there every time I walked out of Staples. So when I was trying to decide where to go for lunch near Metrotown, I decided to check it out!


Dynamite Roll ($4.50):

First of all, I was impressed by its appearance since it obviously showed a lot of care with the arrangement! That and the fact that the pieces were all perfectly the same size (since we all know that’s not the case for most restaurants…) I loved the rice; nicely cooked with a wonderful hint of rice vinegar to it. The prawn tempura had a crispy exterior and the shrimp itself had a good bouncy texture.



Assorted Sushi ($10.50):

Once again, the rice was very well cooked. The nigiri is a bit on the smaller side, but it’s the quality that counts. All of the fish were really fresh with a wonderful natural sweetness to them. The tamago was an unusually larger size compared to the rest of them and although had a bit of browning, it was still moist and had a nice sweetness to it.


In general, I enjoyed my visit to Isami Sushi. The sushi is delicious and it’s clearly made with a lot of care and attention. Service was also very friendly and courteous. The prices are a bit steeper since the portions are small but if you really want to appreciate the cuisine then I would recommend Isami Sushi!
Isami Sushi on Urbanspoon


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