Cattle Cafe: Can I make a Quick Trip to McDonald’s While I’m Waiting?

I’ve actually been to Cattle Cafe countless times before, but I’ve never blogged about it yet! Sometimes, when I crave a Chinese baked rice dish and want to stay in the neighbourhood, Cattle Cafe is always the choice (since I try to never go to 54th Cafe…). Cattle Cafe’s food is pretty decent though even if the service is pretty bad… and it gets pretty cramped… and the wait is pretty long… Anyways, let’s talk about the food first!


Hot Almond Milk:

Comes free with a set meal :) Not bad, strong enough almond taste and smooth enough.



Hot Chocolate:

I’m not even sure why my brother would order hot chocolate at a Chinese restaurant of all places… Not surprisingly, it was weak in flavour.



Baked Basa Fish Filet & European Wieners in Cream Corn Sauce with Fried Rice ($9.99):

I waited 25 minutes for this dish to arrive. Not impressed. The dish was pretty good though! The sauce was creamy and had a bit of sweetness to it from the corn. The basa was moist, flaky and generous in portion. The wieners were an interesting addition but since I’m not allowed to eat stuff like this at home (my mom is scared of whatever secret ingredients there might be) I actually enjoyed eating it.



House Special Baked Fried Rice (Seafood and Pork Chop) ($10.99):

It took 35 minutes for this dish to arrive. Once again, not impressed. This is a good option for indecisive eaters, since you can get two different dishes in one for a slightly higher price. The seafood portion is similar to the dish above. The pork chop wasn’t bad, tender and juicy enough while still having a bit of a crunch. The tomato sauce also had a stronger tangy taste than I am used to (perhaps there was more ketchup in it?).


My visit to Cattle Cafe was alright. The food is pretty good and the prices aren’t too steep either. In the Killarney neighbourhood, there aren’t many options for hk style food so that probably explains why it’s always so busy and cramped in there. The wait for the food during this particular visit was unacceptably long though, and it made me wish that I had also ordered a snack. Seriously, every time a server walked out of the kitchen, my eyes would immediately zone in on the food that they were carrying out, praying that it would be my dish…
Cattle Cafe 牛仔餐廳 on Urbanspoon


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