Sushi Gallery: Rice Krispies on a Roll??!?

In case you haven’t realized already, I love Japanese food! Sushi is by far the food that I eat the most each week and I never lose my craving for it. In the Kitsilano area, I have my favourites such as Hitoe Sushi and Sun Sushi, but I’m always constantly on the look out for other Japanese restaurants to add to the list. So who was the next potential candidate? Sushi Gallery!


Miso Soup:

When you dine in, there is complementary miso soup available at a self-serve station. Since I was getting take-out, I didn’t expect the worker there to pack up some for me :) The miso soup was typical, but it was piping hot and had a lot of seaweed pieces in it!



Spicy King’s Roll ($6.95):

Consists of spicy tuna, chopped scallop, avocado, masago, and rice crispy. I’ll admit, I only ordered this roll because I was curious about what “rice crispy” was. Turns out that it was literally Rice Krispies covering the whole exterior of the roll. Well, this roll sure was interesting to look at… The spicy tuna and chopped scallop was really fresh and delicious combined with the creaminess of the avocado. The Rice Krispies added an interesting texture to the roll… There is a lot of hot sauce on top, and eventually, my tongue was burning from the gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste). For $6.95, this was a great price for a special roll, especially since it was so large in portion.



Dynamite Sashimi ($7.95):

Consists of 5 pieces of dynamite roll and 4 pieces of sashimi. As you can see in the picture, the portions were huge. The dynamite roll also had a piece of vegetable tempura in it so it helped make it bigger. The roll was pretty good, a decent dynamite roll and the quality didn’t suffer despite its size. The rice was really bland though. The sashimi was strangely cut in half, perhaps to make it easier to eat? It wasn’t cut properly but the fish was really fresh, buttery, and once again large in portion.


In general, I enjoyed the food at Sushi Gallery. The prices are really low and worth it for what you get. Clearly, it’s far from authentic but the food is still delicious and fresh! The service was also wonderful in the short while that I was there, and I was even offered a hot cup of tea while I waited. It’s definitely another restaurant for me to add to the list :)
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