Al Basha: Mmmm… I Could Eat Their Food for Days!

I’ve realized that I start most of my posts with “I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while, or “I’ve heard about this place”, or “this place has always been catching my eye for the longest time”… it’s quite sad how my list of places to visit never seems to get smaller! And unfortunately, those words have been running through my head for the past while until I finally made it to Al Basha to try out their food, since I’ve been hearing so many people praise about how delicious it is!


Pita that accompanied the plate. I saw the lady take it straight out of the package so obviously there’s nothing special about it.



Al Basha’s Plate ($9.99):

Yum, I feel hungry again just looking at this. The salad was really fresh and nicely seasoned with a vinaigrette. The hummus was smooth and garlicky. The chicken was simply delicious, tender and nicely spiced with a lovely smoky taste. Together with the yogurt sauce and hot sauce, each bite was heavenly. The rice was also seasoned well and went wonderfully with the meat. This was a very generous portion and well worth the 10 dollars!


In general, I really liked the food at Al Basha. Their food is delicious, so satisfying and comforting. Definitely one of the better places in town to get Halal food! The lady in the front was also very warm and friendly, making me lose any apprehension I had after seeing the restaurant’s worn down interior.
Al Basha on Urbanspoon


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