Felicos: Greek Food in Richmond??

I know I’m not the only one who holds the stereotype that the only good food in Richmond is of the Asian variety. So imagine my surprise when back when I was working, my coworker mentioned a really good Greek restaurant in Richmond! It’s been bugging me for the past while and now I finally got the chance to check it out!

Between 3 people, we decided to share a Kleftico ($17.95) and a Felicos Platter ($38.95).


First to arrive was the Pita Bread and Hummus. The pita was warm, light and fluffy, and tasted delicious with the garlicky hummus. A nice start to the meal :)



The Greek Salad was typical and came in a very generous amount. Everything was fresh and lightly seasoned by the dressing.



Next to arrive was the Ice Shrimp Cocktail. Lying on the bed of ice, the shrimp was able to remain cold for a long period of time. They were really good, having a nice bouncy texture and sweetness. The sauce was forgettable and tasted just tangy.



And then, a HUGE platter of food came. The Calamari was a hefty amount, enough to be an entree of its own. It was delicious; tender squid in a very light batter that wasn’t too oily. The Chicken Souvlaki was surprisingly tender and not dry at all, something that many restaurants fail to be able to do. It had a very nice grilled taste to it and I enjoyed it a lot. The Lamb Souvlaki unfortunately was a bit on the drier side but it was still delicious and nicely seasoned. The Stuffed Black Tiger Prawns were very flavourful and rich, albeit on the heavier side due to the strong buttery flavour so one is more than enough for a person.



The sides that came with the platter were rice, roast potato, and seasonal vegetables. The Rice was perfectly cooked and fragrant. The Roast Potato had a nice lemony taste to it so it wasn’t boring and bland. And finally, the Vegetables were tender and a nice side to balance all the heaviness of the meats.



The Kleftico is a giant chunk of slowly roasted lamb. It was very flavourful and quite tender. The meat easily fell off the bone and was just simply delicious! The sauce in the middle is their special lamb mint sauce. It tastes like a mix of bbq sauce and mint, but I didn’t really use much of it since I was savouring the taste of the lamb on its own.


I really enjoyed my visit to Felicos. The food is delicious and generous for the price. The restaurant’s decor is also stunning, making it a good place for a date or a fancier event. Service was also on par with other fine dining restaurants and even though they were very busy on a weekend night, we never felt rushed throughout the meal! Who knew there could be such a wonderful Greek restaurant in Richmond?
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