Sushi Inn: Decent Eats, Nothing Outstanding.

So this is how the story goes. I was stuck at UBC for a few hours before a midterm exam so I decided to head out for lunch before cracking the books and doing a last minute cramming session. After doing a quick search for Japanese restaurants nearby on UrbanSpoon, I created a list of options and chose one through the very sophisticated method of “eeny, meeny, miny, moe”. The restaurant that my finger landed on – Sushi Inn.


Miso Soup:

Part of the lunch box. Very standard, nothing much to say about it.



Sashimi Box B ($9.95):

Consists of salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, assorted tempura, salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, ebi nigiri, and a tuna tataki salad. The salmon sashimi was good, buttery in texture and fresh tasting. The tuna sashimi, on the other hand, was only partially-thawed. Therefore, the texture and taste was completely off. The tempura was alright, although it was on the oilier side and the batter was a bit thick. The salmon and tuna nigiri tasted the same as the sashimi, and the ebi unfortunately didn’t have much of a natural sweetness to it. The tuna tataki salad was my favourite part, with a nice peppery taste and the salad leaves were fresh.



Gyoza ($4.95):

The gyoza’s, as you can see in the picture, were surprisingly pale in colour but some random pieces had a burnt side. Needing a bit more time on the pan, the wrapper was a bit too thick. The gyoza’s also had a very strong hint of ginger to them. This was passable, but there is better elsewhere.


In general, I’m indifferent towards my visit to Sushi Inn. Reading the other reviews on UrbanSpoon, I was expecting to be blown away by the quality of the sashimi but I ended up being the slightest bit disappointed. All in all, the food was decent enough and the prices are pretty good for the wallet. Perhaps I didn’t order the right items? If anyone has suggestions for some of their better dishes, please let me know!
Sushi Inn on Urbanspoon


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