Kuma Japanese Restaurant: Mmmm… Okonomiyaki

I kind of dread my school life right now. Maybe taking 5 courses and going to school everyday wasn’t the smartest decision I ever made in my life… No time to relax, go out, or food blog :( But one extremely chilly day, I was at school and was so fed up with it all, that I decided to head out and eat. I was craving a piping hot okonomiyaki that would be close to the area, and discovered Kuma Japanese Restaurant!


King Roll ($8.95):

Consists of prawn tempura, avocado, cucumber, and salmon tempura on top. I’ve realized that recently, I’ve been eating specialty rolls from restaurants that seem to LOVE pouring sauces all over the rolls, thus masking the actual flavours of the roll itself. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to see a minimal amount of sauce drizzled on the roll, just enough to add another dimension of flavour but not overpower the creaminess of the avocado, the “bouncy” texture of the shrimp, and the tender flakiness of the salmon.



Squid Okonomiyaki ($10.95):

Doesn’t it look beautiful? This savoury Japanese pancake is a huge portion as it is intended to be shared between 2-3 people. I loved how it was served with a metal spatula to cut it up, points for the authenticity :) There was an abundance of ingredients in it, with nice, chewy squid pieces being present in every bite! Because the okonomiyaki was quite high and thick, it was a bit dense in flavour and the middle part was just a tad undercooked. This was still extremely delicious and comforting though, and I loved every bite of it!


In general, I enjoyed my visit to Kuma. Good okonomiyaki’s are hard to find and I was very satisfied with my meal. Service was friendly and attentive, even though there were only 2 people working. It is a small restaurant but there was still a good amount of customers dining in and getting take out during lunch time so I’m sure that I’m not the only one who likes this place!
Kuma Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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